Friday, April 4, 2008

soft creatures

soft creatures live at international noise conference 2008
Soft Creatures

Soft Creatures is from Oakland, California, formerly Orlando, Florida. Soft Creatures is part of the every now and then What's Yr Damage? and a few years ago put out some CDs and tapes and zines under the alias BLACK LAKES. At INC there were two new Soft Creatures recordings available and both are real 4 am material. Haunting and melodic in a way slightly reminiscent of certain Tampa tropes, but definitely distinctly Soft Creatures, real foggy.

Here's one of my favorites from the split with Lesson Lesson Lessen Relearn. It's called "Cleaning House" and sounds like a nap.

cleaning house

For the Soft Creatures / Lesson Lesson Lessen Relearn split check out West Palm Beotch

For Soft Creatures check out the Soft Creatures MySpace

what's yr damage? live @ new college, february 4 2005


rock band (savannah, ga) live @ the o.k. morale 03/28/08
rock band (savannah, ga)
photo by nancy rose

then and than live @ flight 19 @ INC Tampa 04/02/08
then and than
all polaroids by dana bassett

then and than
then and than

pharaoh faucett live @ flight 19
pharaoh faucett

skeleton warrior live @ flight 19
skeleton warrior

laundry room squelchers live @ flight 19
laundry room squelchers

laundry room squelchers
laundry room squelchers

Thursday, April 3, 2008


the future is a machine
electronic dream
kkünste und fürze und handwerke #2

Electronic Dream or The Future Is A Machine... #2
"spring break 200gr8 issue"

Comics and letters from the editors: motivational/posi, psychedelic realism. Not to drown it in labels but its punk as shit, too. Even though this is issue #2, its the third zine from this camp since the new year. The second was the "nano" sized Crank Dat War Machine comics #1

Like the preceding issues, it's done by hand and limited to 100. Look out for new issues at shows and house shows and house parties and parties. You can also reach the editors here: TFIAMEDKFH(a)