Tuesday, September 16, 2008

cinema sounds#3 videos

saturday, september 13th, 2008

live scores performed at Burns Court Cinemas in Sarasota, Florida

banana montana




then and than

$ugar $hock

videos by stead thomas

Monday, September 15, 2008

Skeleton Warrior / Pharaoh Faucett split 7''

skeleton warrior / pharaoh faucett split 7''

Side A: "Sister Hologram" (6:00)
Side B: "Let's Kill Something Delicious" (4:51)

essential rock musics from agent provocateurs turned professional black magicians. SKELETON WARRIOR’s “Sister Hologram” is a six- minute four-part mini-epic cycle of manic rock peaks and nuanced decrescendos. Self-described “mind music.” Suspicious melody abound. PHARAOH FAUCETT’S “Let’s Kill Something Delicious” crashes the party you're not having. You get home and all of the furniture is in one room and so is this song and there’s not enough room to squeeze in so you put your ear to the door and hear: Sarasota house party special blend (equal parts psych and punk, walls breathing + light strobing...). cover features original b+w drawing by Masha Falkov.

check the sidebar for more info

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Skeleton Warrior / Pharaoh Faucett split 7'' release show @ Big E's
+ afterparty @ O.K. Morale
08 / 15 / 08


la fours
la fours
photo by nikki padilla

then and than
then and than
then and than
photos by kayla carlson

skeleton warrior
skeleton warrior
photo by nikki padilla

skeleton warrior
photo by kayla carlson

pro bro gold
pro bro gold
photo by ryan hopewell

Thursday, August 14, 2008


skeleton warrior / pharaoh faucett split 7''
Skeleton Warrior / Pharaoh Faucett split 7''

FRIDAY - 08/15/08

7PM - 12 AM
@ Big E's - 2805 N. Tamiami Trail

FiFi (SRQ)

12am - ???
@ The O.K. Morale

"Welcome To The Suck" (party music + entertainments) w/


Saturday, July 12, 2008

crooked as shit

You could never get such honest balance from Photoshop. And look at that fucking pineapple.

Sarasota Herald-Tribune had this to say: Nightlifestyle

Skeleton Warrior / Pharaoh Faucett split 7'' out before the end of the month. We have a small mountain of faulty test presses (9 in all, 3 sets of 3) sent to Roofless (House, though no one says "Roofless House" it's usually just Roofless and another thing the label is named after the house not vice versa) successively since the very beginning of 200gr8 and in 4-9 business days we will have a shit ton of bonafide rex complete with an original b+w drawing by Masha Falkov.

Friday, May 30, 2008

May 19, 1943

Hey, here's a new short film from New College student Scott Ross and alum Ricky Robertson. The pair were responsible for that mini INC documentary on Current.

This new one was filmed on location at the Funny Farm aka the Cooler Ranch aka Skeleton Warrior's estate in the boonies of Myakka. The music is from E.N.'s "You Will Be Outdated Soon."

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Here's Tyger Beat's set from Cinema Sounds (04/26/08). Everyone (Skeleton Warrior, Pharaoh Faucett, Math Cats, Stead and His Larson and La Fours) provided live scores to films playing on the big screen at Burns Court Cinema in Downtown Sarasota.

tyger beat - "e.t."

And here's a video of a collaboration between New College student Dorothy Dubrule and Jimmy Schaus from Skeleton Warrior. The piece is called "Flesh and Blood" and was choreographed/scored through an extended process of improvisational give and take: sounds were written in response to movements and vice versa. The clip is from New College's Spring Dance Tutorial performance.

dorothy dubrule and jimmy schaus - "flesh and blood"

Summer 2008. Galavanting across America: Tyger Beat, Skeleton Warrior/Hazmat, Russian Tsarlag/Wrash/Lazy Magnet, keep an eye on the show listings (lots of stuff in SRQ+TPA), Skeleton Warrior/Pharaoh Faucett split 7'' coming out any second now.

Friday, April 4, 2008

soft creatures

soft creatures live at international noise conference 2008
Soft Creatures

Soft Creatures is from Oakland, California, formerly Orlando, Florida. Soft Creatures is part of the every now and then What's Yr Damage? and a few years ago put out some CDs and tapes and zines under the alias BLACK LAKES. At INC there were two new Soft Creatures recordings available and both are real 4 am material. Haunting and melodic in a way slightly reminiscent of certain Tampa tropes, but definitely distinctly Soft Creatures, real foggy.

Here's one of my favorites from the split with Lesson Lesson Lessen Relearn. It's called "Cleaning House" and sounds like a nap.

cleaning house

For the Soft Creatures / Lesson Lesson Lessen Relearn split check out West Palm Beotch

For Soft Creatures check out the Soft Creatures MySpace

what's yr damage? live @ new college, february 4 2005


rock band (savannah, ga) live @ the o.k. morale 03/28/08
rock band (savannah, ga)
photo by nancy rose

then and than live @ flight 19 @ INC Tampa 04/02/08
then and than
all polaroids by dana bassett

then and than
then and than

pharaoh faucett live @ flight 19
pharaoh faucett

skeleton warrior live @ flight 19
skeleton warrior

laundry room squelchers live @ flight 19
laundry room squelchers

laundry room squelchers
laundry room squelchers

Thursday, April 3, 2008


the future is a machine
electronic dream
kkünste und fürze und handwerke #2

Electronic Dream or The Future Is A Machine... #2
"spring break 200gr8 issue"

Comics and letters from the editors: motivational/posi, psychedelic realism. Not to drown it in labels but its punk as shit, too. Even though this is issue #2, its the third zine from this camp since the new year. The second was the "nano" sized Crank Dat War Machine comics #1

Like the preceding issues, it's done by hand and limited to 100. Look out for new issues at shows and house shows and house parties and parties. You can also reach the editors here: TFIAMEDKFH(a)hotmail.com

Monday, March 31, 2008

this saturday

curated by dave rodriguez

INC videos + bonus

darker florida live @ churchill's pub in miami 02/16/08

I missed their set and that video makes me wish I hadn't. Here's the Darker Florida website.

justice yeldham live @ churchill's pub in miami 02/16/08

Justice yeldham on Myspace.

In case you missed it, be sure to check out this mini-doc about INC 2008.


rene blanco performs with the curious hair @ churchill's 11/19/05

Rene Blanco dances with bands. Here are more of his videos.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

this friday: christening



1125 Pattison Ave, Sarasota, FL


this is the first show at this locale.
this place aint even named yet.
come warm this house.
hear these bands:







donation suggested

US-41 South (past where it meets with 301)
Turn left on Bahia Vista
Turn left on Pattison
look for the house where all the crazy shit is going on

Friday, March 21, 2008

animal vs. buddy rich 1978

last night

la fours live @ four winds cafe 03/19/08
La Fours

First set. Sexy lighting lost from flash photography. Best reading of Heart of Darkness since these people.

math cats vs. tyger beat @ four winds cafe 03/19/08
Math Cats

tyger beat vs. math cats
Tyger Beat

Salty and sweet. People with stereo hearing dug it.

If you took any pictures of Psychedelic Horseshit or Times New Viking we'd love to see them.

Lot's of shows in the next few months. Some records and probably some tapes too. Everyone's doing everything with everyone and upping the ante.

dave smolen (phl) live @ ncf bikeshoppe 02/13/08
Dave Smolen
photo by dana bassett

Monday, March 17, 2008


Four Winds Cafe @ New College
8 PM

TIMES NEW VIKING / columbus, oh
times new viking

psychedelic horseshit

Siltbreeze Records
Matador Records

Tyger Beat vs. Math Cats / new college
guitar/drum duo duel

La Fours / NCF / SRQ / roofless / 305
la fours

Debut single from La Fours: Souljah Bird, You Goin To The Army

Sunday, March 16, 2008

NASA + funny farm / cooler ranch

nasa live @ international noise conference 2007

Get a copy of that NASA tape on Not Not Fun before its too late! NNF doesn't have anymore copies but a bunch of the distros they list do, so get going while the going is good to get going.

Here are some pictures (click for bigger) of the Skeleton Warrior estate we were telling you about a few posts back.

warrior cows
more cows

inside barn
the barn

all pictures by dana bassett

Thursday, March 13, 2008

velvet underground 1967
velvet underground

Here's this new Velvet Underground bootleg from '67 that's been driving the internet wild. The first track is a completely unreleased song and it's real good. I wonder why they never put it on a record. This recording documents the first ever live performance of "Sister Ray." The only info I can find on this thing is from the blog I downloaded it off of, so here's that: Dead Flowers

and here's the record: live at the gymnasium
Laundry Room Squelchers live @ Churchill's 2/5/08

Laundry Room Squelchers present

26 shows across the country, 15 minutes or less per act, no lap tops, no mixers, no droning.

INC @ Tampa
Wednesday, April 2nd
Flight19 (Union Train Station Baggage Claim)

Laundry Room Squelchers, Uh Oh Spades, My Left Uterus, Parts and Pieces of Past Ticiples, Ant Parade, LimpLungs, Then and Than, Haves&Thirds, The Uh, Gay Pairs, S2K, Fifi, Skeleton Warrior, emBard, T-Func, Pellitor, Pro Bro Gold, Tyger Beat, The Long Emergency, Pharaoh Faucett

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tampa folk keep it real in Miami:

boulders - "don't go breaking my heart" 2008

New e.p. from Sarasota's Boulders. 2/3 of the time this guy plays in bands with animal names. This recording we'll call "creep shit from Florida." Sense the tsarcasm? New mantras for the generation who figured out how to use Gameboys as rock instruments, not that there's any console action on this recording, though there is a resonance with "pong." The last song sounds like the least precious Beat Happening song you'll ever hear.

don't go breaking my heart

"I originally made 25 copies to hand out at Dave from Andros Rex's birthday party and to girls I like. I ran out in a really short period of time and other people asked me about it, so I'll probably make another batch sometime soon. The EP comes with an 8-page zine. I'm not charging any money for it. This is my second EP and I already have material recorded for a third one, tentatively titled 'Love has Gone Away'."


+this friday+
+8pm+ +New College teaching auditorium+

New College's most mutated provide scores to excerpts from some of their favorite movies.

Tyger Beat

Midnight Cobra

Math Cats

Skeleton Warrior
??? TOP SECRET ???

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

to live and download

tom smith and patrick spurlock - "petty demons"
tom smith and patrick spurlock

Here's an e.p. Tom and Patrick brought with them for Saturday's show at New College. The songs are tweaked but not frenzied; choppy vocal loops, pulsing electronics, glitchy repetition that will make you light headed.

petty demons

While you're at it, check out the To Live and Shave in L.A. blog for daily mash-ups, the To Live and Shave in L.A. website for a labyrinth of TLASILA e-phemera, and these pictures.

to live and shave in l.a. 1992
Oscar Perez, TS and the Lady Tigra, TLASILA Mk. 1.5, 1992
"genre is obselete"

Monday, March 10, 2008

tom smith live @ four winds cafe 03/08/08
tom smith

ltd. edition poster (120) by masha falkov 03/08/08

peggy pegasus (mouth open) + alistair pegasus
warrior puppies

band dogs
all photos by dana bassett

this saturday

this saturday
flyer/show by sean - click for bigger image

Skatepark of Tampa - 7pm - $5
Pro Bro Gold
My [Left] Uterus
Andros Rex
Furi Kuri
Chapstick Cap
Uh Oh Spades
Sun Bears

my [left] uterus live @ skatepark of tampa 03/29/07

andros rex live @ sound idea brandon, fl 04/23/07

Friday, March 7, 2008

throwback jam

skeleton warrior live @ club envy, "silence fest," sarasota fl, 2005

I always thought this video was shot by Andrew Chadwick but he stops the amp from falling at the end, so I don't know who's behind the camera. If you know, drop a line to rooflessrecords@gmail.com.

skeleton warrior download series finale

skeleton warrior live @ international noise conference 2008

You can only see Kipp and Erica, but you can hear Jimmy on synth and Tim on Gameboy.

Here's a live set from a house party this past January: 01/05/08 (recorded by La Fours)

The line up is Jimmy on synthesizer, Kipp on guitar and Erica on drums. The sound is representative of the styles they've been exploring most recently. After a prolific summer, Skeleton Warrior was on pause while most of its members were scattered across North America and Jimmy was standing in line behind Brian Eno in London. They reunited in January and now the line up is Erica on drums, Kipp on guitar, Tim on violin and Gameboy and Jimmy on synthesizer (but that's liable to change at any second). 3/4 of the band lives out in the boonies of Myakka City, FL. They have a lot of open land, cows, spiders, scorpions, peacocks, a barn, inside the barn a ledger from the 70s with the names of all of the pigs that lived there, etc. They found a wishbone on the top of the fridge that crumbled into dust, divorce papers in the closet and a rusty knife on the windowsill. You can hear all of this in the new Skeleton Warrior.

black logan

black logan - 2007
black logan cover

Cephia's Treat #52. We're not putting it up for download because its still in print. You can buy it on the cheap here: Cephia's Treat. Skeleton Warrior (here just Jimmy and Kipp) at its most haunted; dark, pulsing, maybe even evil; Psych, the clenched jaw. Long extended jams that hold your attention with dynamic, evolving intention and craft.

back cover
black logan back

black logan
black logan

"The Warriors wandered the desert, dragging their luggage behind them. However, they weren't looking for water, they were in search of the perfect basement to record in and Black Logan was to lead them to it. By the time he appeared they were near death but the desert sun was forgiving that day and soon their bags were unpacked beneath the baked sand. The univox drops, the wires pop and all that thirsty moaning is still giving nightmares to the rattlesnakes and scorpions that remain." - Cephia's Treat