Sunday, May 25, 2008

Here's Tyger Beat's set from Cinema Sounds (04/26/08). Everyone (Skeleton Warrior, Pharaoh Faucett, Math Cats, Stead and His Larson and La Fours) provided live scores to films playing on the big screen at Burns Court Cinema in Downtown Sarasota.

tyger beat - "e.t."

And here's a video of a collaboration between New College student Dorothy Dubrule and Jimmy Schaus from Skeleton Warrior. The piece is called "Flesh and Blood" and was choreographed/scored through an extended process of improvisational give and take: sounds were written in response to movements and vice versa. The clip is from New College's Spring Dance Tutorial performance.

dorothy dubrule and jimmy schaus - "flesh and blood"

Summer 2008. Galavanting across America: Tyger Beat, Skeleton Warrior/Hazmat, Russian Tsarlag/Wrash/Lazy Magnet, keep an eye on the show listings (lots of stuff in SRQ+TPA), Skeleton Warrior/Pharaoh Faucett split 7'' coming out any second now.

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