Friday, February 29, 2008

more I.N.C.

all photos courtesy of courtney smith

live at international noise conference 2008

sugar shock (sarasota/tampa)
sugar shock (sarasota/tampa)

nasa (orlando)
nasa (orlando)

right arm severed (madison, wi)
right arm severed (madison, wisconsin)

right arm severed

sword heaven (columbus, oh)
sword heaven (columbus, ohio)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

show tomorrow (friday) (2/29/08)

show flyer
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tyger beat live @ new college, ham center meta-lobby, 02/27/08
tyger beat

way cool set from Tyger Beat last night. Lots of great new material (dynamic song structures, more vocal harmonies, more dissonance) and tenaciously solid renditions of the classics. They played in the sub-lobby of New College's Hamilton Center lobby, a space un-utilized since DDT Jitters in February 2005.

Tyger Beat's next show is March 19th at The Four Winds Cafe. They'll be facing off against their NCF drum-and-guitar doppelgangers Math Cats in a dueling set which might very well cause the West side of campus to sink in on itself. When the dust settles, Psychedelic Horseshit will be making their return to Sarasota and they're bringing Siltbreeze brethren Times New Viking along for the ride.

pharaoh faucett live @ new college, ham center lobby, 02/27/08
pharaoh faucett

Pharaoh Faucett was also on hand last night in not-so-rare form with a pocket-sized set featuring a suped up rendition of old favorite "Cave Paintings All Over The Basement" and "Let's Kill Something Delicious" from their forthcoming split 7'' with Skeleton Warrior on Roofless. The picture of them is so small because Blogger was cutting Evan out. If you click it, you'll end up at the Roofless flickr account where you'll be able to see not only Medium and Large sized photos of Pharaoh Faucett, but every picture that gets posted on here.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

watch now

Here's an INC mini-doc recorded by New College student Scott Ross and alum Ricky Kelley for CurrentTV. It's only 4 minutes and 20 seconds but it covers a lot of ground and presents a rich perspective on the weekend. Nice work!

La Fours+more

la fours1
polaroids by dana bassett

Debut recording from La Fours. Lone gunman shoots from the hip, the drum machine, the synth pedal. Dave from Space Manatee (SRQ) and Resi Noth(Bradenton) and Blak(bbq) presents 9 minutes of dynamic bedroom noise diddling.

download it here:
souljah bird, yo goin to the army

la fours 2

Hey, check out this next level Loop Retard (feat. Booga on boogie) video from INC:

live at international noise conference in miami 2/16/08

INC media trickle is starting to pick up. A New College student and an alum are putting the finishing touches on a 5 minute video mini-doc of this year's conference for CurrentTV. The clip is relatively short but packs a huge, well edited punch, schizophrenically blending interviews and live clips and doing the weekend great justice. They're sitting on a small mountain of footage and once the Current clip is finished will be working to get the best it online.


curated by claire k.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


tfiamedkfh issue #1

tfisamedkufuh issue #1

The Future Is a Machine-or-Electronic Dream-or-Kkünste und Fürze und Handwerkeis a new zine featuring content from Roofless pals and collaborators. It's 12 pages (including cover+back page), black and white, entirely done by hand and limited to 100 copies. Commentary + comics, usually at the same time; culture eating itself like a hot dog with mustard and relish that's eating itself; primary text from Sarasota, Florida at the end of the turn of the century. New issues coming soon, keep your eyes peeled when you go places. For more information about TFISAMEDKFH you can reach the editors @ tfiamedkfh(a)

Monday, February 25, 2008


aunt gsa gsa, faucett psych dachsund
zsa zsa can fly
photo courtesy of dana bassett

Here is a 7 song e.p. from Sarasota, Florida's Wolf Wolf:

Less "post-hardcore" and more "hardcore in the future." Three piece capable of heavy punk, heavy melody, heavy carrying on.

Wolf Wolf will have a track on the forthcoming SARASOTA / TAMPA compilation. They are currently on hiatus; their guitarist is out of the country but plan to continue getting down when he gets back.

Here is the vocalist's solo project: Cameron: Monee Roxx Boulder Partee.

two-thirds of Wolf Wolf 10/07
2/3 wolf wolf
photo courtesy of dj sweaterpuppet

Math Cats is Wolf Wolf related but has yet to make it on the internet, so all I can say is : GO SEE MATH CATS PLAY IN THE HAM CENTER LOBBY OF NEW COLLEGE THIS WEDNESDAY. TYGER BEAT,PHARAOH FAUCETT AND TOTALLY MICHAEL (arkansas) ARE ALL PLAYING TOO. 8PM.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

upcoming shows

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to rooflessrecords(a)

8 pm - Ham Center lobby @ New College of Florida

performing live
TYGER BEAT (pete + pete) (srq)
MATH CATS (wayne + garth) (srq)
TOTALLY MICHAEL (Jaxson) (Arkansas)
PHARAOH FAUCETT (JFK + Lee Harvey Oswald)
curated by claire k.

8 pm - Four Winds Cafe @ New College of Florida


performing live
$ugar $hock* (TPA/SRQ)
Ecstatic Sunshine (Baltimore)
Tom Smith (from To Live And Shave In L.A.)
Parts & Labor (Brooklyn)
curated by roofless

!!!! ltd. edition (120) posters @ show !!!!!
!!!! original art by new college alum masha falkov !!!!

8 pm - Four Winds Cafe @ New College of Florida

performing live
Times New Viking (Columbus, Ohio)
Psychedelic Horseshit (Columbus, Ohio)
Math Cats (SRQ)
+ maybe 1 more?
curated by roofless

8 pm - Four Winds Cafe @ New College of Florida

miami invasion
The Down Home Southernaires** (305)
Raffa + Rainer (305)
Walter Maisel and Peter Repenning (NCF)
Call It Radar (305)
curated by roofless

*sugar shock live @ deep montrose in nashville, tn ?/6/07

video courtesy of youtube's triplerainbow

**the down home southernaires live @ 305 Fest 2004
the alley, miami

Friday, February 22, 2008


the fas'ners / the würst - live @ sarasota succulent society

photo courtesy of stead thomas

Roofless Records 01

Live sets de The Fas'ners and The Würst from a house party on March 9, 2007. Tyger Beat, Space Manatee, Pharaoh Faucett and The Sharks also played. People crowd surfed in the living room + did everything they could to lose their minds. The whole night was recorded onto a one track tape recorder which was left on the table. The only band that wasn't recorded was Pharaoh Faucett and there was a reason. That same reason led to the tape being "lost" only to be found again because it wasn't lost in the first place.

Culled from these sessions is the last set from Tampa's THE FAS'NERS: pleasure in the future, ups and downs, swelling grand piano synthesizer music. 13 minutes 40 seconds. On the B-side is a 4 minute 53 second dirty dirge (and first set) from Sarasota's THE WÜRST: like being in the middle of a volcano in the middle of Jupiter in the middle of da Universe (wild, whipping synth + hheeaavvyy guitar) cover art by Allie Weiss. 99 of these tapes exist.

$3 in person (at shows, around Sarasota and Tampa, etc).

If you don't live in Sarasota / Tampa and are interested in buying one drop a line here: rooflessrecords(a)

The release party at The Crystal Cathedral was off the chain. 5 bands were on the flyer; by the end of the night 10 had played and one or two had formed. Party favors were in abundance, including an endless supply (akin to Christ's miracle with the fish and loaves) of Sloppy Joes. Allie (Würst) played in her dog's cage on top of a table in the middle of the room. A strobe light was going as was some fake blood, everywhere. The whole scene had an Island of Dr. Moreau vibe going.

the würst live @ the crystal cathedral 1/25/08

psychedelic rendering of the würst courtesy of stead thomas

the würst
photo courtesy of cesar mantilla

Live @ Sarasota Succulent Society documents The Fas'ners farewell show, but Tampa's Pro Bro Gold (ex-Fas'ners) was on hand at the release party.

pro bro gold live @ the crystal cathedral 1/25/08

video courtesy of cesar mantilla

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

current events

stead and his larson live @ the crystal cathedral ?/10/07

Stead and His Larson are a two piece party rock outfit specializing in covers and karaoke classics. The duo (Stead Thomas and his Larson, Nicky) (accidentally) broke out onto the Gulf Coast scene in the fall of 2007, quickly gaining notoriety amongst drunk friends, confused acquaintances and annoyed neighbors with now infamous (not to mention essential) covers of "That's What I Like About You" and "Breakfast At Tiffany's." The style is reminiscent of 70s dirge kings Flipper and recent sets have featured an unfuckwithable cover of the Eddie Murphy classic "Party All The Time."

The following videos were shot by Stead at Sarasota house party staple The Crystal Cathedral, which, incidentally, was where S&HL got their start.

mao dix live @ the crystal cathedral 01/19/08

Mao Dix is a Sarasota two-piece featuring members of Pharaoh Faucett. This was the first set of a long night at The Cathedral as well as the first from the Dix since Spring 07.

blonde god live @ the crystal cathedral 01/19/08

In the grand tradition of Tampa two-pieces this guitar and drum duo make me hear colors. What about you?

P.S. here's an actual video of Kyle Mack actually drinking actual urine for $50 outside of the Kites / Byron House pre-INC show at the New College Bikeshoppe on 02/12/08. What's your price?

Monday, February 18, 2008

INC 2008 pt. 1

The International Noise Conference celebrated its 5th year this past weekend with around 100 acts (15 minute sets) spanning 3 nights (and all day Saturday) at Miami, Florida's venerable dive bar weirdo mecca, Churchill's "Sort of English" Pub. Some of the best atypical rock musics from across the continental United States were on hand in seemingly never ending marathon style, and Justice Yeldham came all the way from Australia to smash his face with glass in front of hundreds of majorly spun yaps making time in Little Haiti.

As predicted, the west coast of Florida repped hard, particularly on the Friday night showcase curated by Tampa's Cephia's Treat.

pharaoh faucett (sarasota) live @ churchill's 02/15/08

photo courtesy of Cesar Mantilla

More INC media to come! For now, here's a video from Columbus, Ohio's Rage Against The Cage filmed during their set at the New College of Florida Bike Shoppe on their way to Miami:

video courtesy of Dana Bassett

With a deluge of tight bands comes a deluge of records, and tight new releases were in no short supply.

Orlando's NASA had copies of their phenomenal new Bummer Daze tape on L.A.'s Not Not Fun label and yeeesh is it a barn burner, a hog washer, one spicy metabolic "Hawkind but Florida" cassette.

Sorry to drop Hawkwind, but these polite, well-postured young men are most certainly in search of space (and we're not just talking about the band name). Not Not Fun called it "groovy" and they could have even gone as far as "funky." They also said "high on the highway" and there's little doubt they're talking about I-4 (whether they know it or not). This is a dynamic, for real rock recording, seductively winding, lush with reverb. The only bummer here is that college keeps this psych trio from going at it full time.

On the note of psych, way psyched to get ahold of some new Limplungs material in the form of a Cephia's Treat cassette entitled Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite. The tape gets low pretty early on and stays low late into the night, shifting from one sentimental, eerie cyborg lullaby to the next. Get a load of the super fly packaging:

Jumping from the Gulf Coast to the Atlantic, West Palm Beotch Records was in full effect this weekend with a stack of stellar CD-Rs, attractively packaged and distributed practically for free (trades preferred). Head over to the website and download them all! The Shirts VS. Skinheads EP is a welcome little poke in the gut from 67% of Orlando's legendary What's Yr Damage? (who closed out INC's second night after being scheduled to play first) (on the note of "legendary," does anyone remember INC 2005 when Greg dove, inexplicably, into his drum set a 1/3 of the way into WYD?'s set, much to the chagrin of the rest of the band. Later, Damagers would admit Greg "needed to do his thing" and in recent times the act has been self-described by its perpetrator as an effort to "keep things interesting.")

Abilities features a handful of way fucked rapid fire fuzz nuggets and concludes with a meatier, more melodic jam with Jimmy from Skeleton Warrior on Moog.

Shows, records and full-blown Roofless website all to come soon.