Monday, February 18, 2008

INC 2008 pt. 1

The International Noise Conference celebrated its 5th year this past weekend with around 100 acts (15 minute sets) spanning 3 nights (and all day Saturday) at Miami, Florida's venerable dive bar weirdo mecca, Churchill's "Sort of English" Pub. Some of the best atypical rock musics from across the continental United States were on hand in seemingly never ending marathon style, and Justice Yeldham came all the way from Australia to smash his face with glass in front of hundreds of majorly spun yaps making time in Little Haiti.

As predicted, the west coast of Florida repped hard, particularly on the Friday night showcase curated by Tampa's Cephia's Treat.

pharaoh faucett (sarasota) live @ churchill's 02/15/08

photo courtesy of Cesar Mantilla

More INC media to come! For now, here's a video from Columbus, Ohio's Rage Against The Cage filmed during their set at the New College of Florida Bike Shoppe on their way to Miami:

video courtesy of Dana Bassett

With a deluge of tight bands comes a deluge of records, and tight new releases were in no short supply.

Orlando's NASA had copies of their phenomenal new Bummer Daze tape on L.A.'s Not Not Fun label and yeeesh is it a barn burner, a hog washer, one spicy metabolic "Hawkind but Florida" cassette.

Sorry to drop Hawkwind, but these polite, well-postured young men are most certainly in search of space (and we're not just talking about the band name). Not Not Fun called it "groovy" and they could have even gone as far as "funky." They also said "high on the highway" and there's little doubt they're talking about I-4 (whether they know it or not). This is a dynamic, for real rock recording, seductively winding, lush with reverb. The only bummer here is that college keeps this psych trio from going at it full time.

On the note of psych, way psyched to get ahold of some new Limplungs material in the form of a Cephia's Treat cassette entitled Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite. The tape gets low pretty early on and stays low late into the night, shifting from one sentimental, eerie cyborg lullaby to the next. Get a load of the super fly packaging:

Jumping from the Gulf Coast to the Atlantic, West Palm Beotch Records was in full effect this weekend with a stack of stellar CD-Rs, attractively packaged and distributed practically for free (trades preferred). Head over to the website and download them all! The Shirts VS. Skinheads EP is a welcome little poke in the gut from 67% of Orlando's legendary What's Yr Damage? (who closed out INC's second night after being scheduled to play first) (on the note of "legendary," does anyone remember INC 2005 when Greg dove, inexplicably, into his drum set a 1/3 of the way into WYD?'s set, much to the chagrin of the rest of the band. Later, Damagers would admit Greg "needed to do his thing" and in recent times the act has been self-described by its perpetrator as an effort to "keep things interesting.")

Abilities features a handful of way fucked rapid fire fuzz nuggets and concludes with a meatier, more melodic jam with Jimmy from Skeleton Warrior on Moog.

Shows, records and full-blown Roofless website all to come soon.


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