Thursday, February 28, 2008


tyger beat live @ new college, ham center meta-lobby, 02/27/08
tyger beat

way cool set from Tyger Beat last night. Lots of great new material (dynamic song structures, more vocal harmonies, more dissonance) and tenaciously solid renditions of the classics. They played in the sub-lobby of New College's Hamilton Center lobby, a space un-utilized since DDT Jitters in February 2005.

Tyger Beat's next show is March 19th at The Four Winds Cafe. They'll be facing off against their NCF drum-and-guitar doppelgangers Math Cats in a dueling set which might very well cause the West side of campus to sink in on itself. When the dust settles, Psychedelic Horseshit will be making their return to Sarasota and they're bringing Siltbreeze brethren Times New Viking along for the ride.

pharaoh faucett live @ new college, ham center lobby, 02/27/08
pharaoh faucett

Pharaoh Faucett was also on hand last night in not-so-rare form with a pocket-sized set featuring a suped up rendition of old favorite "Cave Paintings All Over The Basement" and "Let's Kill Something Delicious" from their forthcoming split 7'' with Skeleton Warrior on Roofless. The picture of them is so small because Blogger was cutting Evan out. If you click it, you'll end up at the Roofless flickr account where you'll be able to see not only Medium and Large sized photos of Pharaoh Faucett, but every picture that gets posted on here.

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