Tuesday, February 26, 2008


tfiamedkfh issue #1

tfisamedkufuh issue #1

The Future Is a Machine-or-Electronic Dream-or-Kkünste und Fürze und Handwerkeis a new zine featuring content from Roofless pals and collaborators. It's 12 pages (including cover+back page), black and white, entirely done by hand and limited to 100 copies. Commentary + comics, usually at the same time; culture eating itself like a hot dog with mustard and relish that's eating itself; primary text from Sarasota, Florida at the end of the turn of the century. New issues coming soon, keep your eyes peeled when you go places. For more information about TFISAMEDKFH you can reach the editors @ tfiamedkfh(a)hotmail.com.

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