Friday, March 7, 2008

skeleton warrior download series finale

skeleton warrior live @ international noise conference 2008

You can only see Kipp and Erica, but you can hear Jimmy on synth and Tim on Gameboy.

Here's a live set from a house party this past January: 01/05/08 (recorded by La Fours)

The line up is Jimmy on synthesizer, Kipp on guitar and Erica on drums. The sound is representative of the styles they've been exploring most recently. After a prolific summer, Skeleton Warrior was on pause while most of its members were scattered across North America and Jimmy was standing in line behind Brian Eno in London. They reunited in January and now the line up is Erica on drums, Kipp on guitar, Tim on violin and Gameboy and Jimmy on synthesizer (but that's liable to change at any second). 3/4 of the band lives out in the boonies of Myakka City, FL. They have a lot of open land, cows, spiders, scorpions, peacocks, a barn, inside the barn a ledger from the 70s with the names of all of the pigs that lived there, etc. They found a wishbone on the top of the fridge that crumbled into dust, divorce papers in the closet and a rusty knife on the windowsill. You can hear all of this in the new Skeleton Warrior.

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