Tuesday, March 4, 2008

skeleton warrior download series pt. 2

diversity - 2005
skeleton warrior

"This album comes from many different times, places, combinations of members, and includes both improvisation and practiced songs. The line-ups include Kipp, Kipp and Jimmy, Tim and Jimmy, and Tim, Kipp and Jimmy. Some of the recordings were done in New College's B Dorm, others in Jimmy's bedroom in Orlando and Kipp's house in Syracuse, NY. The record reflects the "diversity" of people and places involved, as opposed to Bearly Legal, which really reflected the spirit of a few days in the garage, or Black Logan reflecting the vibe of that dingy basement in Syracuse.

It was recorded for our winter tour in 2005 with Whats yr Damage? and Mr. Transylvania. The original packaging had a dog farting out sound waves on the cover, a stamp that Tim made. This was the first time that we began playing with Tim, who added a tape delay he made, an old audio oscillator, and a bunch of other random shit. This was a phase of the band where Jimmy began using Gabriel's violin. We started using tapes more, a fancier drum machine, and some small audio alarms Jimmy picked up at Sarasota electronics (the twinkling electronic sounds heard on track eight, accidentally happened upon when he cracked one open and it started sputtering stuff out. He bought the alarms to make contact mics out of, and it ended up accidentally yielding those cool sounds). Also, this was the first time we used real drums."


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