Monday, March 3, 2008

skeleton warrior download series

Over the next week we'll be uploading select material from the Skeleton Warrior discography. The uploads will be chronological and focus on out of print material and recent live recordings. Skeleton Warrior is currently a 4 piece living in Sarasota, Florida. They have a split 7'' with Pharaoh Faucett coming out real soon.

bearly legal - 2004
"Bearly Legal"

Recorded by Jimmy and Kipp in the Schaus family garage, released by Black Lakes. "We used all the instruments we bought after we decided that we wanted to start a band, the foundation of our sound: the old moog and drum machine, a sampler and a bunch of pedals. We never really had a sound in mind, just equipment, and I guess a sound was molded out of that and a desire to fuck around." Bear drawings by Kipp, collage art by Jimmy.

Bearly Legal


Nelson said...

This CD is so good. We actually did two different versions since after a while, the dudes decided they didn't like the song where they sampled Os Mutantes. So there was an alternate track used in its place on the "Bearly Legal" tour version with mr tranz and wyd?. if I can find it, ill upload it.

Andy said...

definito: SIK>>>