Friday, March 7, 2008

black logan

black logan - 2007
black logan cover

Cephia's Treat #52. We're not putting it up for download because its still in print. You can buy it on the cheap here: Cephia's Treat. Skeleton Warrior (here just Jimmy and Kipp) at its most haunted; dark, pulsing, maybe even evil; Psych, the clenched jaw. Long extended jams that hold your attention with dynamic, evolving intention and craft.

back cover
black logan back

black logan
black logan

"The Warriors wandered the desert, dragging their luggage behind them. However, they weren't looking for water, they were in search of the perfect basement to record in and Black Logan was to lead them to it. By the time he appeared they were near death but the desert sun was forgiving that day and soon their bags were unpacked beneath the baked sand. The univox drops, the wires pop and all that thirsty moaning is still giving nightmares to the rattlesnakes and scorpions that remain." - Cephia's Treat

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