Monday, September 15, 2008

Skeleton Warrior / Pharaoh Faucett split 7''

skeleton warrior / pharaoh faucett split 7''

Side A: "Sister Hologram" (6:00)
Side B: "Let's Kill Something Delicious" (4:51)

essential rock musics from agent provocateurs turned professional black magicians. SKELETON WARRIOR’s “Sister Hologram” is a six- minute four-part mini-epic cycle of manic rock peaks and nuanced decrescendos. Self-described “mind music.” Suspicious melody abound. PHARAOH FAUCETT’S “Let’s Kill Something Delicious” crashes the party you're not having. You get home and all of the furniture is in one room and so is this song and there’s not enough room to squeeze in so you put your ear to the door and hear: Sarasota house party special blend (equal parts psych and punk, walls breathing + light strobing...). cover features original b+w drawing by Masha Falkov.

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