Saturday, September 19, 2009


Skeleton Warrior / Preaux Breaux Geauxld split 7''
RR 04 - CTR 66
$4 PPD - Check sidebar for ordering info

Dance music: who ever thought it would come to this? Bellwether singles from Tampa's most perverse perps of new weird disco. Skeleton Warrior's "Married to Draino" is a head bobbing, dark sleaze-synth ode to young love and all it's trappings ("asked my dog for advice/she said get married to draino"). Guest starring Diamond Hymen as Draino. Pro Bro Gold oozes a thick cloud of crunchy club pop with "Electric Fingertips" (the sound of strobing). Take heed, take candy from strangers, take to the floor. Split release with Cephia's Treat

Vicious Pop had this to say:

Tampa, Florida is not fucking around, people. Preaux Breaux Geauxld's "Electric Fingertips" has an early-Hi-NRG-goes-lo-fi vibe with riffs that feel like they're melting into each other. It's addictive and fascinating in a way that every great pop tune should be. Not to be outdone, for their side Skeleton Warrior write a love song to a lethal cleaning product, "Married to Draino" (with Diamond Hymen guesting as the voice of "Draino" [BTW someone put out a Diamond Hymen 7" NOW!]) that bubbles along at frightening crawl and sounds as if it's makers were drinking the product whilst producing this cut. The vinyl is black with white marble wisps, like a fog machine running in a dark room. Which is exactly appropriate for these bands.

Various Artists - OVER/BORED
RR 03 - CTR 60
$10 PPD - check sidebar for ordering info

26 tracks documenting the first wave of Tampa / Sarasota cross-pollination. Smells like house party, looks like costumed creep, sounds like Florida's "cultural coast" circa Spring 2007 - Spring 2008. Unreleased gold from (now pay attention): Parts and Pieces of Past Ticiples, Wolf Wolf, S2K, Pharaoh Faucett, Fuji & The Fly-Ins, Wrash, The Red Headed League, Skeleton Warrior, Skinny Winners, Tyger Beat, OutMode, They Live, Lava Transmissions, Andros Rex, Coleman Tents, VCRI, FiFi, Ant Parade, The Long Emergency, Cash Monee Boulder Roxx, Astrovian Func, Hispanics de Hombres, Pro Bro Gold, Skin Job, The Sharks. Split release with Cephia's Treat


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