Monday, November 9, 2009

DRACULA live @ The Firefly (11/8/09)

text and audio provided by Dana B.

The following is a live recording of Dracula from a show last night at the Firefly. The band is comprised of Dorys (Softmonster) and Eli (Space Voodoo Crystal) on vocals (he also plays acoustic guitar), and Kian (Rare Fruit & Space Voodoo Crystal) on saw. On Señora Santana, Eli played a small harp and Kian played a cool instrument that I don’t know the name of. This was Kian’s debut performance with the group, and his accompaniment was spot on regardless of having never rehearsed.

They have only played two or three shows.

They cover folk songs. (I guess Keith Sweat’s Nobody is now an American folk song)

This was recorded on Sunday, Nov. 8, 2009 in the play space at the Firefly on my cell phone (technology continually rules).

[Can't get enough of this recording. This is beautiful acoustic music in the style of Vashti Bunyan (maybe a little sparser) and others like her, and the lo-fi recording adds to the delicate charm. Listen to those voices and listen to them harmonizing with that saw. Also, Eli doesn't have any effects on his vocals...he's creating that dub echo on his own. The Alice in Wonderland cover breaks our heart, as does the occasional chuckling and cheering. -Ed.]

Dracula - Live @ The Firefly (11/8/09)

P.S. That Rare Fruit demo we uploaded a few weeks back expired, so we put up a fresh link.

P.P.S. And here's the Space Voodoo Crystal demo. A little outdated (no Kami on freestyles) but solid nonetheless.

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kevinarrow said...

thank you. this 2009 recording is rare and beautiful.