Sunday, October 18, 2009

rare weather / rare fruit

rare fruit

Miami is in the throes of a fantastic cold front. This is a rare glimpse at what many parts of the world call "seasons" and the novelty makes the shift that much more pronounced/enjoyable. Plus, it's chilly enough to encourage seldom used autumn accessories, but the temperature never actually drops to slicing, miserable cold. Just cool, man. Cool.

Rare Fruit (1/4 of psych/hip-hop unit Space Voodoo Crystal) has a pretty cool, fall-in-Florida demo that goes well with the breeze rushing through your open windows. It's 6 pleasant tracks, each constructed upon an analog / digital collage equally melodic and abstract. You've got some ambient soundscaping ("Unique styles nobody knows"), you've got some friendly melody (the acoustic guitar on "Echolocation" is a major highlight) and repeat listens reveal some cleverly recurring motifs. In the more abstract moments, there is a bit of crunchy distortion, but it's an overall chilled-out endeavor.

Rare Fruit - Demo

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