Monday, October 12, 2009

champ thrax
champ thrax (of warded halls) live in FL, 2009

Warded Halls is a new label / distro / psychic ether factory based in Sarasota, FL and run by some usual suspects (1 + 2) Below is a new single from the upcoming Evan Neal cassette they're releasing. Evan was the drummer in the notorious (now dormant) Pharaoh Faucett and currently plays lumbering percussion for swamp metal slow jam trio Skunk Ape. Seems like he's been brewing some revelatory one man pop, can't wait to hear the rest of the tape.

Is this Dino Felipe music video old news? Just stumbled upon it on and can't stop watching. It goes well with the song, which rules (lo-fi/lowbrow heaven) . As of April (when this video was uploaded) the track was unreleased but maybe it's on that new tape of his Senzei just released.

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Scott said...

cheers for Warded Halls! Fuji sure can create some good websites.