Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Infintesmal BBQ V / guest column

The following is the debut of an occasional column covering art and music in Jacksonville, Florida. All words and text by H. Yates


Hey there Roofless readers, Honkatonk Yates here dispatching news from the dark side of Florida: the side closest to Georgia. The unfortunately named Infintesmal BBQ V took place here Saturday night at the Devil’s Playground, a multi-functioning art space in a half abandoned pier. I’m not sure how Infintesmal Records managed (or decided?) to misspell infinitesimal for four straight barbecues but I’ll chalk it up to the phlegmatic attitude that pervaded the event.


The menu was the shit: 2 kegs of reliably delicious Bold City Brew, free cheeseburgers, and free cake. And the night started off just as dependably, with someone calling me an asshole. Some guy, who drove from Winter Haven or somewhere to play drums in some band that sucked enough to not mention their own name for me to reprint for all ya’ll, called me a fucking asshole because I didn’t take a picture of his foot.

Here’s your foot, dick:


The two person Spider + Octopus sounded sorta like The Mountain Goats, but that was easy to forgive when the lady was playing accordion, a barebones drum set, and singing all at the same time. Really made me want to whip out my washboard and saddle on up alongside.


I asked one of the attendees what they thought of the noise band that played afterwards, National Dairy: “Yeah, okay, but not better than the surprise veggie burgers.”


Since the food was a focal point, it only made sense that the bathroom be the backdrop. You see that ominously lit plywood fort someone leaned together back there? That was the can. There was a face-sized hole in the right wall.

Whatever, it was a fun night.


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